Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ahhh, Saturdays...

I've never been a huge sports gal, save for playing tennis, but since I've been with Matt, I've turned into a college football fanatic. And there have been some amazing games today! Penn State kicked Michigan's sorry butt, Terrance Cody from Alabama became Tennessee's worst nightmare today, and that last minute TD in the Iowa-Michigan State game was unfuckingbelievable. I really thought Stanzi wasn't gonna win that one... ah well.

The 'rents took us out for my birthday dinner tonight. We went to Ichiban, a local Japanese hibachi/sushi restaurant. They always put on a great show, and the food is fantastic. After dinner, they brought out a cake and sang to me, with a gong to punctuate each line. It was goofy and fun. And my dad was in fine form this evening. He's a very garrulous guy, but I love him despite his (sometimes embarassing) ramblings.

He was super excited about the birthday card he'd picked out for me. It was one of those cards that plays a little message, and it was all about surprises. Well, he'd apparently thought it was the funniest thing on earth, and spent the last week playing it over and over, cracking himself up. My brother said he'd seen Dad laughing so hard that he started crying. Over a card! Finally Mom had to tell him to stop playing it or it would be dead by the time I got it. He made me open it in the restaurant, and then again when we left.

Cut to Matt & I in Wal-Mart tonight. We stopped on our way home to grab some stuff, and as we passed the greeting card section, Matt suddenly made a beeline for a card. It was a Halloween card that had the same characters as my birthday card, and a similarly goofy message. I can't wait to see the look on Dad's face when he opens it on Saturday... if I can wait 'til then to give it to him. What can I say... he's goofy, for sure, but he's my dad, and I wouldn't want him to change for the world.

We had plans to go out tonight with some friends, but they weren't planning on gathering until 10:30. I had to work this morning for the first time in months, so I am super exhausted and the idea of waiting until 10:30 to go out? Isn't too enthralling. Call me an old lady, but right now nothing sounds better than snuggling in my nice, warm bed... and maybe watching some Home Movies before bed.


  1. no way! in my mind, you've always been melissa from home movies!(i always assign avatars for faceless internet people)

    that is crazy messed up! you Did Not Just freak me out.
    i swear this has been the most insane weekend, what with the hobos and the internet surprises and the mcdonaldland cookies (all but ONE were fry guys) and the stove knob thingy breaking and the dog i'm sure had creepy demons in it.

  2. Hahaha, I love Melissa from Home Movies! I like to think I'm sassy and prone to smack people like she does.

    Also... McDonaldland cookies? You still have those where you are? Not fair!

  3. My aunt got me "the best birthday card" too. It wasn't, but she was so excited that I couldn't let her down *cue forced laughter*. It's like having more children sometimes. "Awe....aren't you just so cute aunty. Yes you are."

  4. Ooooh! Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad you had fun. I freakin' love Ichiban! There is one right down the street from my office, so I try to do business meetings there (not much gets done, I'm too busy eating).