Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book 19: Strange Brew edited by P.N. Elrod

We're close to the halfway point on the CR, and I'm only closing in on book #20. But I'm not giving up!

Strange Brew is a collection of short stories by some of the bestselling authors of paranormal fiction. There's a story set in the world of True Blood by Charlaine Harris; a Harry Dresden story by Jim Butcher; and Cin Craven story by Jenna Maclaine. I've always been drawn to science fiction, but I haven't really dipped into fantasy/paranormal fiction, so I thought this was a good way to do so while checking out some recommended authors. Overall, the stories revolve around witches, vamps, and werewolfs, with other supernatural elements thrown in. I really enjoyed the Harry Dresden story, and plan on checking out his series.

(short review, I know, but time is short and there are books to read!)

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